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LEGEND HAS IT. - Before noon, August 1962, Molo di Levante in Amalfi. Gianni Agnelli (41), Jacqueline Kennedy (33), Lee Radziwill (29), followed by three security guards. The shot was taken by the gifted paparazzo Benno Graziani.
Gianni, with his hawk eyes, Jackie, looking as if she didn’t care, Lee, wanting none of that all. They are probably on their way to the boat taking them to the Conca dei Marini bay, to the little bathing place of the Villa d’Urso. A serene intimacy between Jackie and Gianni. The vexing distance prevailing between them on their stroll down the pathway making them seem even more intimate.
The rest has been told often enough: persuaded by the author Gore Vidal, Jackie spends three weeks of leisure time in Ravello with her daughter Caroline and her sister Lee. In the house of the Avvocato d’Urso she makes the acquaintance of Gianni. From that day he is not parting from her side, sharing with her all the amusements the Costiera from Ravello to Positano has to offer. The ongoing gossip drives the US president to summon his wife back home with the brief instruction ‘more Caroline, less Gianni’. In 2005, Gore Vidal still recites: ‘There was really something more than a flirtation’.
Oh, beautiful black and white image, where has the dolce vita gone to, and with it bella Italia?
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